Lab Services, Consulting & Training

Pests can sometimes pose serious health concerns. Sometimes identifying the cause of suspicious lesions, which may be insect bites, can be elusive. That’s where our lab services benefit clients. The range of lab services we provide include insect identification, tick identification and testing for Lyme disease and Babesia parasite, and indoor allergen testing and monitoring for suspect pest activity.

Nearly thirty years of working with businesses, government, and individuals has prepared us to assist you with virtually any pest management project or training you require. Our clients are homeowners, pest management companies, property managers, health departments, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, those in the hospitality industry, and food service operators.

Our consulting division is comprised of 5 specialty areas:

  • Third-party audit services
  • IPM program development
  • Training seminars
  • Expert testimony in legal matters
  • Product development & testing

Third-Party Auditing (Situation Analysis)

The Problem: You have an ongoing problem that eludes resolution despite the best efforts of your pest control service provider.

These situations are everyday headaches for property managers, pest management companies, general managers, administrators, facility directors, and landlords. The problem is compounded when frustrated decision-makers feel that their only option is to call another pest control company for answers. Sometimes this is the answer, many times it is not. Often this turns into a perennial cycle through a number of companies that offer up conflicting information and services. Part of the problem is obvious. These companies deploy salespeople of questionable expertise to diagnose and/or prescribe remedies. There’s an inherent conflict of interest here, and most customers know it. Salespeople arrive to sell, and most have only a cursory understanding of entomology and pest management experience. Generally, complex problems can’t be solved by salespeople. All of this adds up to a lot of wasted money, frustration, and goodwill with your customers or tenants.

We provide you with a thoughtful assessment and clear explanation of the situation free of bias or motive to sell you a product or service. The findings are documented in the form of our Best-of-Industry Assessment Report. With information, decision-makers can make better choices, thereby saving their companies both time and money.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program Development

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs are now law in Massachusetts schools and daycare centers. Moreover, office buildings, multi-family housing properties, hospitals, retail and food operators have been adopting IPM principles for years. It’s just plain common sense. However, developing a program isn’t easy. There are many factors to consider. We provide support for LEEDS certification, bid spec authoring, IPM in Massachusetts public schools, healthcare, food processing and manufacturing, and more.

We’ve authored hundreds of IPM programs. These are custom, site-specific programs that are the blueprint for each organization’s pest management plan and policy. IPM plans are “living” documents that require periodic updates.

Whether you need an IPM program plan to be in compliance, or because your organization wants to adopt a low-impact “green” building policy, we’ll develop a plan that suits your needs precisely.

Expertise in the following specialty areas:

  • Multi-family housing IPM programs
  • LEEDS certification and green buildings
  • Healthcare (hospitals and nursing homes)
  • Organic grocery and distribution
  • Food processing plants (AIB Compliant)
  • FDA/USDA-inspected manufacturing plants and warehousing

Expert Testimony in Legal Matters

Bed bugs, rodent infestations, bird problems, and other serious pest-related problems often become serious legal matters. We provide expert testimony for cases that end-up in court. Please contact our office to discuss in detail the services we provide.


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