Ecologic Entomology is the Most-Rated & Highest-Rated Pest Control Company in Massachusetts.

We offer advanced pest management solutions for homeowners, multi-family housing properties, and commercial properties. Our consulting division provides lab services, IPM plan authoring, seminars, and expert testimony services.

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Bed Bugs

It’s important to act quickly if you suspect bed bugs in your home. The truth is, it’s easy to kill bed bugs, but difficult to eliminate infestations.

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Multi-Family Housing

Ecologic Entomology perfected the system that makes housing IPM programs run with precision.

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Lab Work & Consulting

Nearly thirty years of working with businesses, government, and individuals has prepared us to assist you with virtually any pest management project or training you require.

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The Common Sense Pest Approach

Ecologic Entomology is Boston’s Bed Bug Authority. See why so many health departments, including Boston’s Inspectional Services Department, relies on Ecologic Entomology for tough bed bug cases.

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