We share the planet with many creatures that may, at times, be a threat to human health and property. We have an obligation to manage these conflicts in a responsible manner.


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Your home is your castle, and pests have no business sharing it with you. We provide fast, effective, pest control solutions minus contracts, monthly fees, and salesmen.

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Pest control is about public health. It’s also about protecting the integrity of your brand. We provide customized pest management programs tailored your business.

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Hospitals, schools, universities and public buildings are uniquely sensitive environments that require a thoughtful approach to pest control. We provide customized programs that keep both pesticides and pests to a minimum.

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Pest Control for your Home

Home & Yard Guard Services

Ticks, carpenter ants, mice, and other invasive pests can be controlled affordably… and softly. Protecting your home and yard from pests has never been easier, more affordable, or greener!  We offer 3 residential programs for homeowners who prefer a pro-active approach to pest management in and around the home.  Just an ounce of prevention is all it takes for peace-of-mind and to protect your home and the ones you love.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are the most common and most resilient pests infecting homes and businesses in Massachusetts.  They can make their way into your home or business through the tiniest of a crack or crevice.  They are especially attracted to areas where food is prepared and sanitation could be improved.  You can investigate whether a cockroach is invading your space through signs such as stains on your walls and kitchen cabinets or you actually see one scurry past you.  If you see a cockroach or if there are obvious signs of one you may be on the cusp of an organized infestation already.

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The Common Sense Pest Approach

Ecologic Entomology is Boston’s Bed Bug Authority. See why so many health departments, including Boston’s Inspectional Services Department, relies on Ecologic Entomology for tough bed bug cases. Since 1996, we have been educating public health officials, property management professionals, and the general public about bed bugs. Our seminars have been called among the best of their kind by national audiences. If you’re concerned about bed bugs, you’ve come to the right place.

Ecologic Entomology is a fun place to work because we truly love what we do. We’re not a production-driven company. We’re a quality-driven company focused on solving our client’s problems. Many times problems require ingenuity, dedication, and adequate time to get the job done right. Our professionals realize they’re an extension of our client’s businesses, and a protector of their homes.



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