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Rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels, typically try and share your warm home with you during the fall and spring and cold winter months in New England.  They can cause quite a bit of damage in a very short time while also being know to carry and spread serious diseases through their droppings.  Rodent prevention and control is one of the most important services among all pests. A rodent problem in your home or business is not only a health hazard but is also a safety issue due to the rodents potentially gnawing through electrical wiring, creating fire danger.

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How to Identify


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How we Prevent and Control

If you have seen a mouse recently, there’s a good chance that a nest of them is located nearby. A single nest might be home to upwards of two dozen adults at any given time. In addition to going after your food stores, mice leave behind droppings that can spread disease, and they will attract more vermin into the area if allowed to linger.

We have found great success in creating and executing a custom Integrated Pest Management Plan for every rodent issue in your home or business.  Our trained professionals will inspect your building for cracks and holes while surveying the landscape for potential hazards. We will fill in small holes and cracks on the spot while recommending solutions for larger projects where replacement of wood or masonry work is suggested.  Our team will apply carefully thought out products to eliminate rodents right through their nest.  Our approach to rodent control is to provide efficient and effective treatments to remove your unwanted intruders with a custom Integrated Pest Management Plan.

Rodent Prevention Tips 

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Inspect Access Points

Most residents and business owners are surprised to find out how small of a hole or crack mice, rats and squirrels can squeeze into for access to your space. Take some time to thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior of your home or business to identify as many cracks or small holes as possible.

Exterior Inspection

On the outside of your home or business focus your efforts of identifying cracks or holes around door openings, windows, the foundation, around plumbing access points and the roof around the rafters, gables and eaves.   Rodents can be sneaky and get into very tight spaces so look thoroughly between the foundation and the siding.

Interior Inspection

On the inside of your home or business start in the basement with the same process of identifying crack or holes in the foundation, including the transition between the foundation and the ceiling above.  Check around the interior plumbing access points from the exterior plumbing while also following the pipes to access the first floor kitchen and bathrooms. As you work your way to the first floor, inspect under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, stove and dishwasher. These are the most common entry points from the basement level.  To complete your interior inspection check any fireplaces, around floor vents and dryer vents.

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Preventing Access

Once you have identified gaps, holes or cracks it is important to seal them up with products the rodents will not be able to eat through.  For the smaller holes and gaps around the plumbing access points, caulking or wads of steel wool work the best.  For larger holes you may have to replace or repair rotten or broken wood or possibly using copper hardware cloth stapled in place.

Keep your trees trimmed back to eliminate access to squirrels and even rats to gain access to your roof area. It is important to cover roof vents with metal guards and if you have a chimney it should also be covered with the appropriate wire mesh cover.

Pest Control services Massachusetts

Housekeeping Tips

Overall with good pest prevention and management comes with the standards of overall good housekeeping and sanitation. By removing food and water and nest building sources, rodents will have a difficult time surviving and making themselves feel at home.   It is recommend using plastic storage containers in basements, crawls spaces or attics to reduce possibility of rodents gnawing through them. Cardboard boxes and its contents are prime sources for nest building materials.

Keeping your house or business clean, and keeping any food in your cabinets or pantry sealed, while storing as much as you can in the refrigerator will help in prevention.  Covering and regularly removing trash will also reduce food sources.  If you have a pet, only keep enough pet food out as they will eat during the day while storing your pet food in air tight containers as well.

Why call us…

We strictly follow a customized Integrated Pest Management Plan to control your problem pest.  We pride ourselves in not over promising and underdelivering. Our technicians are required to perform a thorough inspection on each visit.  We work with homeowners and business owners to eliminate the issue and work with you for further prevention.  We also do not require yearly service plans. However it may be necessary to return for future inspections and treatments to completely eliminate your pests.

Let’s talk. We’re here to assist you with any pest concern you may have.

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