Bed Bug Seminars

An Old Problem in a New World: Bed Bugs 101

Bed bugs are back and they’re no joke. Bed bugs are a serious economic and quality-of-life burden. Apartment buildings, dormitories, hotels, hospitals, residences, offices, and shelters have all seen a dramatic rise in bed bug infestations. Armed with limited resources, pest management companies have their hands full, with some companies reporting bed bugs occupying the largest segment of their business. Yet none of the treatments available are without problems.

“An Old Problem in a New World” is a popular seminar developed and presented by Jonathan Boyar that professionals from all over the country have attended to educate themselves about the bed bug epidemic. The seminar covers all aspects of the problem, making attendees better informed to make important decisions with respect to hiring pest control companies, choosing methods of control, educating stakeholders, and protecting themselves. This is a soup-to-nuts examination of the epidemic. It’s presented in a compelling format that is both entertaining and informative. The program has been called the best of its kind by national audiences. The ninety minute workshop is a fact-based program and contains NO solicitations for any products or services.

Topics covered:

  • History of bed bugs and pesticides
  • Anatomy of the bed bug
  • Biology and ecology of bed bugs
  • Injury and damage caused by bed bugs
  • Symptoms of bed bugs
  • How to identify and inspect for bed bugs
  • Treatment options for bed bugs
  • Do I have to throw my furniture away?
  • Documentation
  • Pesticides available to battle bed bugs
  • Treatment failures
  • Fraudulent products and services
  • Common issues and problems that thwart control
  • Owner’s responsibility vs. tenant’s responsibility
  • HUD’s revised (amended) guidelines on bed bug control and prevention (Notice H 2012-5)
  • Insecticide resistance
  • Canine scent detection
  • New technologies
  • How to protect yourself from bringing them home
  • Much more
Curriculum Vitae for Jonathan Boyar, A.C.E.

This material is considered essential for Property Managers, Health Department Inspectors, Administrators, landlords, hotel operators, facilities personnel, and medical professionals.

The program is given by Jonathan Boyar, Associate Certified Entomologist and Pest Control Operator for nearly thirty years. The ninety minute workshop is a fact-based program and contains NO solicitations for any products or services.

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Two Currently Offered Programs:

“An Old Problem in a New World: Bed Bugs 2014″ is a continuously revised and updated 90 minute workshop for property managers, landlords, health inspectors, pest control companies, medical professionals, administrators, facilities personnel, visiting nurses, social workers, shelter personnel, and those in the hospitality industry.

“Bed Bugs Are Back: What You Need to Know” is a one-hour information seminar for tenants of multi-family housing properties. It provides tenants with “street smart” info on prevention and identification of bed bugs.

A sampling of organizations that have already hosted our seminars:

“I just wanted to share with you that the survey results from our annual conference have come back and Jonathan stole the show! Out of all the responses we received from our various sessions, there was not one negative remark. Great job! Some of the remarks from attendees:

“Entertaining presenter, very passionate about what he knows.”
“More than I wanted to know, but a terrific presentation! I’m still having nightmares. Very useful.”
“This was excellent and extremely informative.”
“Awesome presentation! Very informative and the materials provided will be a great resource for our management company and property managers.”

-Dee Sacchetti, Director of Administration, New England Affordable Housing Management Association (NEAHMA)

On behalf of the New England Resident Service Coordinators Inc., I’d like to thank you for your participation in our annual conference that took place in Groton, CT. The positive feedback from our attendees has been overwhelming and I want to personally thank you for helping make the conference a success. Here are some of the comments we received about your program:

We hope you will consider taking part in next year’s conference!

Sincerely, Andrea Baranyai