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Lately it seems that homeowners and business owners are being barraged with offers from nefarious pest control companies trying to sell “comprehensive” service programs for a “low” monthly fee. Paying a monthly fee for home pest control services is nonsense. You wouldn’t pay an electrician, plumber, or carpenter for work you might need in the future. Pay for pest control services when, and if, you need them. Next time a salesman asks you to sign up for monthly fees, ask him how long he’s been subscribing.

The truth is, most pest problems can be prevented, many times without the use of pesticides. Admittedly, there are parts of the country that do require more aggressive pest management strategies, but the northeast is very different. Climate, weather, and differences in construction practices are important factors that drive the risk-potential for pests. Most homes will benefit from an annual inspection, and where problems are identified, a prescribed treatment that addresses the root cause.

Our Integrated Pest Management Plan


Pest Control for your Home

Home & Yard Pest Control is About Protecting the Ones You Love From the Ones You Don’t.


Ticks, carpenter ants, mice, and other invasive pests can be controlled affordably… and softly.

Protecting your home and yard from pests has never been easier, more affordable, or greener!  We offer 3 residential programs for homeowners who prefer a pro-active approach to pest management in and around the home.  Just an ounce of prevention is all it takes fro peace-of-mind and to protect your home and the ones you love.

Home Guard

Protect your home all season long from invading pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, mice and many other invading pests.  We inspect and treat your home once in the spring and again in the fall to protect your home from invading insects and rodents

Yard Guard

Protect your yard from blood-sucking ticks, some of which may carry Lyme disease and other human, canine, and feline diseases.  Our all-natural treatments are performed 3 times per season.

Home & Yard Guard

Our comprehensive preventative plan combines, full-season protection for both your home and yard with additional savings and value.  Your home will be inspected and treated twice during the season and your yard will be treated 3-times through the season.  Homeowners that opt for our comprehensive package get an additional 10% off the cost of the combined services.

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