Pest Problems in a Pandemic

Efforts to decrease the spread of a virus in a pandemic has an opposite effect in pest control.  While businesses, restaurants, and commercial spaces are closed or have limited capacity, pests are exploring for new food sources.  Covid-19 has affected every aspect of daily lives; it has also changed the way pests find their next meal.  The increase in pest activity has even prompted a notice on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Empty buildings, apartments, restaurants, and other commercial properties, as well as increased time spent at home have all contributed to the “spread of pests”.  If an increased chance of a pest infestation isn’t enough, health concerns is another big reason to learn more about pests in a pandemic.

CDC Pest Advisory 

There are many factors that influence pest-potential in your home or business.  Food, waste, and warmth all attract pests indoors.  Because pests will find the smallest traces of food if not cleaned up properly, increased sanitation and housekeeping practices are essential.

Rodents & Covid-19

Generally mice & rats food sources change daily throughout a pandemic. Closed or reduced service in restaurants does not produce the needed amount of expired or discarded food in dumpsters to feed on.  Mice and rats will explore and navigate new opportunities in other settings which could be your home, apartment, or business.

Vacant buildings also contribute to lack of food and water sources which leads to further exploration of their once comfortable housing environment to seek out steady food sources.

Rodents are known as disease vectors carrying fleas, ticks, lice and other parasites which all can lead to serious health concerns. It is important to practice good sanitary practices daily around your home, apartment or business to reduce the risk of rodents taking up residency.

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Cockroaches & Covid-19

More activity around your house or apartment could help contribute to a cockroach appearance.  Crumbs, grease or oil stains are ideal food sources for an active cockroach colony.  Cockroaches love to make themselves home in dirty kitchens, so make sure you make an extra effort to clean under your fridge or stove more frequently.  Roaches will feed on almost anything and also find a new home in your discarded cardboard shipping boxes.  Relying more and more on online ordering will increase the amount of boxes around your home.  Having an abundance of cardboard boxes or any clutter is inviting for cockroaches to move right in.

When infestations are severe; asthma among children is very common, also many people have allergic reactions to cockroach excrement and their sheded skins.  Symptoms can be mild to severe such as congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing.  In rare cases bronchial inflammation caused by cockroaches can be life threatening.  People recovering from Covid-19 should not be exposed to cockroaches.

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Flies, Birds and Insects & Covid-19

Spending more time at home during a pandemic can also mean spending more time outside which also attracts many unwanted pests.   If you provide pests food and water sources outside of your home, you could also be inviting them into your home, where more serious problems begin.

Birds love water, which means eliminating all water sources including bird baths and bird feeders.  Don’t invite them around your home if you don’t want the consequences surrounding their presence.  Nests can cause damage to gutters, downspouts which may lead to water damage when it rains.  Bird droppings can cause serious health concerns as the droppings carry diseases and also corrodes surfaces.

If you are spending more time outside that means you may be eating more often outside naturally providing food sources for flies and insects.  Flies can multiply quickly and are known to carry microorganisms and parasites as they move from food source to food source leaving feces on each landing.

Keep your food covered remove any food sources at the end of the day and you will be happy with the results.

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Your Community and Neighbors

The world has changed overnight due to a pandemic, the lives and routines have changed for everyone.  There are unpredictable and unpreventable pest problems that occur based on our behavior and physical changes.  Ecologic Entomology provided a few examples of how the pandemic has increased the needs for pest services nationwide and the immediate need of our Massachusetts residents.

The key factors in preventing pest control is thorough regular sanitation practices which you can learn more about navigating through our website.  What our clients can’t predict and prevent is the vacant buildings, vacant apartments, closed restaurants and limited capacity in storefronts. All of these physical and routine changes effects the behavior of pests.

All pests are looking for food sources, with closed business’s they all explore new opportunities.  New opportunities could lead them finding leased apartments which are vacant with open dog food or bird seed left in the basement of a building all attracting pests to come closer to your home or business.

If you find yourself with a pest problem we are happy to investigate, recommend prevention and remove the pest issue.

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