Prevention and Solutions

If you’re uncomfortable with the notion that pest control companies train sales people to sell repetitive pesticide treatments, you’re not alone. Generally, sales people have only a cursory understanding of entomology and pest management experience. Their focus is to sell service contracts, clean-outs, applications, etc. Often they portray themselves as experts and capable of diagnosing complex problems. Note that in most states it’s illegal to apply pesticides without proper justification. Regulators have disciplined well-known pest control companies for selling unnecessary or inappropriate treatments.

The truth is, most of the time pesticides aren’t the answer. Ecologic Entomology provides a holistic approach that applies knowledge of a building’s operations, structure, and environment, to the science of urban entomology. Products may still play a role in the program, but generally they augment an overall strategy.

Technical Services

  • Smart integrated pest management (IPM) solutions
  • No-cost insect identification service
  • Pest proofing (exclusion) services
  • Bird management programs
  • Rodent abatement programs
  • Nuisance wildlife trapping
  • Wood-destroying insect inspections (VA/FHA)
  • Bed bug inspection, monitoring and remediation services

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