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The average adult Norway rat is 16” long, including
tail, and weighs about 1 lb.

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How to Identify

  • Rats have thick bodies with grey or brown fur; small eyes and ears; blunt snout; hairless tail shorter than body.
  • Rats only need 1 oz of food per day to survive.
  • One female Norway rat may give birth to up to 20 young in a year.
  • Rats are skilled swimmers and have been known to travel through sewage systems and enter homes through drains and even toilets.
  • A rat’s teeth never stop growing, so rats must always be gnawing to
    keep them maintained.
  • Rats are omnivores and will eat almost anything.
  • Average lifespan is 5 -12 months.
  • Rats are the second most successful mammals in the world, behind humans.
  • Nocturnal in nature, rats generally emerge at dusk to do most of their activity and feeding throughout the night.
  • Norway rats burrow for shelter, warmth, nesting and food storage. Burrows generally begin next to buildings, fence lines or other forms of cover.


  • Holes or burrows about 2-3” in diameter in the ground.
  • Gnawed tooth marks on wooden baseboards, cabinets,
    windowpanes, doors, electrical wires, piping or insulation.
  • Grease “sebum” stains on walls, baseboards, basement sills,
    cabinets, doors, etc.
  • Feces, dark pellets with blunted ends, about 3/4” in length and 1/4”
    in diameter.
  • Tracks or footprints that are small with four toes on front feet, and
    five on the longer hind feet; claw marks and/or tail mark is also often


  • To control rats, you have to remove everything they need to survive:
    food, water, shelter and ways to get around.
  • The most important thing you can do to prevent rats on your property
    is to limit access to food sources.
  • Trash barrels should be covered and taken to the curb as close to pickup time as possible (7 a.m.). Plastic bags should never be left on the ground.
  • Make sure you have enough trash barrels with tight lids to hold trash
    in-between pickups.
  • Use hard plastic or metal trash barrels with tight fitting lids.
  • Don’t put food out for cats, pigeons, or squirrels. Bird feeders are an
    often overlooked source of food for rats.
  • Avoid planting flowers or vegetables that seed or provide fruit
    attractive to rats.
  • Eliminate any unnecessary clutter or rubbish from your yard as rats will
    establish nests and colonies inside and beneath it.
  • Abandoned automobiles and storage bins provide harborage for rats.
    They should be removed from the property and taken to a suitable salvage yard.

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