Integrated Pest Management

Ecologic Entomology practices and is advanced in the Integrated Pest Management Program.  Our mission and service provides a balance between carefully navigating our delicate eco-system, managing your pest while also reducing financial impact.

Integrated Pest Management, IPM by definition is a science based approach that combines a variety of techniques. By studying their life cycles and how pests interact with the environment, Ecologic Entomology professionals can manage pests with the most current methods to improve management, lower costs, and reduce risks to people and the environment.


  1. We carefully Identify & Observe the pest in its current environment.
  2. We will then Evaluate the results of monitoring to help answer two direct questions. Is the pest causing damage and do we need to act?
  3. We can Prevent some pest problems by using resistant plants, planting early, rotating crops, using barriers against climbing pests, sanitation, and sealing cracks in buildings.
  4. Further Action may be necessary by using multiple tools to reduce pests below an economically damaging level. Carefully selecting preventive and curative treatments will reduce reliance on any one tactic and increase the likelihood of success.
  5. Monitoring the pest population will determine if further treatments are necessary, if it increases and exceeds the action threshold we need evaluate our tools and take another approach.

Our Tool Box

We are dedicated to provide the prevention and control results you expect ecology and economically, we are committed to you and our consistent approach and success of pest management.

Our Action tools contain the following but not limited to:

  • Altering surroundings
  • Adding beneficial insects or organisms
  • Growing pest resistant plants
  • Disrupting the development of pests
  • Prevention of pest developing problem
  • Disrupting insects behavior
  • Using products

Our experience and knowledge in the industry is unlike any other, we have a very unique approach to all pest management services, by providing solutions which may not lead to applying products.

Why call us…

We strictly follow a customized Integrated Pest Management Plan to control your problem pest.  We pride ourselves in not over promising and underdelivering. Our technicians are required to perform a thorough inspection on each visit.  We work with homeowners and business owners to eliminate the issue and work with you for further prevention.  We also do not require yearly service plans. However it may be necessary to return for future inspections and treatments to completely eliminate your pests.

Let’s talk. We’re here to assist you with any pest concern you may have.

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